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Services by Optima

In addition to MedX spinal rehabilitation, our clinic provides physical therapy evaluations and treatment of extremity dysfunction including acute, chronic, and post-surgical conditions.

Our MedX program is specifically designed for spine pain syndromes. Our area of expertise is treatment of neck and back disorders. We are able to isolate and test joint systems to find range of motion, strength, and endurance deficiencies. Our MedX program often succeeds even when other conservative physical therapy programs have failed. Other interventions including manual therapy techniques, Kinesiotaping, orthopedic bracing, progressive resistance exercises, functional training and therapeutic modalities are incorporated into our complete program. We also offer chiropractic services, acupuncture and massage therapy on site.

What We Treat

Auto Collisions
Work-Related Injuries
Sports Injuries
Personal Injuries
Chronic or Delayed Recovery
General Pain Syndromes

Independent Program Education

Treatment does not end once the patient is released from care at Optima. Throughout the clinical program, our therapists will educate the patient on exercises they can perform and equipment they can use independently, so once the patient is released they will feel confident in maintaining their condition and continuing their therapy on their own.

An independent program can include:

  • • Functional stretches
  • • Swiss ball stabilization exercises
  • • Thera-band stabilization exercises
  • • Accompanying the patient to their health club for instruction
  • • E-stim/TENS unit provision and education
  • • Theracane education for trigger point therapy